4 thoughts on “RECORD COLLECTIONS WANTED…PHONE THE SHOP ON 01473 225547…OR EMAIL US outoftimerecords@hotmail.co.uk

  1. I have some albums which I bought over the years which I would like to sell. I know you would need to check them but as I live 50 miles away could you please give me an idea which you might want & how much you would give me for each. Thanks.
    John Prine (J.Prine) K40357 very good
    Astral Weeks (V.Morrison) KP46024 v.g. Quintessance (Quintessance ILPS9143 Good.
    Wavelength (V.Morrison) BSK3212 Fair
    St Dominics Preview (V.Morrison) K46172 Mint
    Into The Music (V.M.) K46172 v.g.
    Déjà vu (C,S,N & Y) K50001 v.g.
    Goodbye & Hello (Tim Buckley) K42070 Mint.
    Simon & Garfunkel Gr Hits 569003 Mint
    Bluejeans & Moonbeams (Capt Beefheart & Magic Band) OVED19 Good.
    Neil Young (N.Y.) K44059 v.g.
    After The Goldrush (Neil Young). K44088 Mint
    American Stars & Bars (N.Young) K54088 Good
    Sweet Baby James (James Taylor) K46043 Good.
    Freewheelin Bob Dylan 62193 v.g. Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones) SKL5101 v.g.
    Another Side of Bob Dylan 62429 Good.
    Bringin It All Back Home (Dylan) 62515 v.g.
    Highway 61 Revisited (Dylan). 562572 v.g.
    Blonde On Blonde (Dylan) SDDP66012 Good
    Greatest Hits (Dylan) 62847 v.g. Rainbow Bridge (Jimi Hendrix) K44159 Mint.
    Blood On The Tracks (Dylan) 569097 v.g.
    Dark Side Of The Moon (P. Floyd) SHVL804 v.g.
    Grave New World (Strawbs) AMLH68078 v.g.
    Red Album (Beatles) PCSP7171 Good Brothers & Sisters (Allman Brothers) K47507 v.g.
    Blue Album (Beatles) SKBO3404 Fair
    No Other (Gene Clark) 7E1016B v.g.
    Maria Muldaur (M.M.) K44255 Good
    Cream Greatest Hits RSD5021 Good.

    • Hi Dave…Sorry for the delay in getting back to you for some reason these emails haven’t come thru to me?? there is loads of stuff we can use on the list so i’ll contact you through your email address..cheers


    • Hi Keith…no need for an appointment just pop in at anytime or give us a ring when you want you pop in.


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